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Superstar - Leonid & Friends (The Carpenters Cover) Ksenia Buzina

Video from Leonid & Friends

Superstar - Leonid & Friends (The Carpenters Cover) Ksenia Buzina

Leonid Vorobyev – bass, transcript of the musical source, producing, mixing, mastering, video-montage Igor Dzhavad-zade – drums Ksenia Buzina – lead voc Konstantin Kovachev – ac. guitar Valery Martynov - trumpet Maxim Likhachev – trombone Oleg Kudryavtcev – alto sax Sergey Kurmaev – piano Michael Puntov – back voc Danil Buranov – back voc, tambourine Irina Kozlova – back voc Jacob Zakh – el.piano Caro-Bass Orchestra - strings Elizaveta Stavtceva - harp Svetlana Usacheva - oboe Sergey Korobov and Michael Belov - french horns

"Superstar" is a song composed by Bonnie Bramlett and Leon Russell in 1969. Released in 1971, The Carpenters's version of "Superstar" peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #2, and it became one of their signature songs." from

Leonid & Friends

"With multiple sold-out U.S. tours under its belt and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, Leonid & Friends continues to astound its global audience with its unique ability in capturing the spirit, musicality, and fire of American supergroup Chicago.

And what is even more stunning is that Leonid & Friends, comprised of 11 of the finest musicians in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus, haven't seen Chicago perform live, yet replicates the band’s complex arrangements amazingly note for note.

Chicago has never been in Russia, and none of us have attended their concerts," said Leonid Vorobyev, a multi-instrumentalist who is the band’s leader. "We have only recordings and videos (to help us learn Chicago songs)." from the website:


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