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Supporting Law Enforcement, Not Attacking it is Vital to Our Nation

police officer saluting american flag
Support Our Police and First Responders

The men and women that are out in the streets, executing search warrants, arresting criminals and even dying are men and women like me and you. They have families and have chosen to work to protect society.

NOTHING said by any person should encourage you or anyone else to attack these citizens. They are not the decision makers they are the workers.

The fact that so called "patriots" would be so gullible as to attack and try to kill others based on the rant of a politician is not only unamerican but treasonous.

These actions by militias and others truly rises to the level of a "banana republic"!

Let us then support our men and women in blue and express our discontent at the voting booth. - Andy

What You Can Do Our hero police officers protect and serve us, keeping our communities safe, responding to our calls for help, and running to danger while others are running away.

No, they are not perfect, and yes, there are some bad cops, but we contend that the vast majority of our officers are doing their best to protect and serve our communities in an ethical, compassionate, and courageous manner, and thus they deserve our support.

So what can you do in your community to support your police? You can thank them for their service, just like we thank our hero military personnel and veterans. Our hero police officers are always ready to do battle on our behalf (and risk their lives) when they respond to our calls for help.

And you can encourage other people to thank them also. We need to get as many people involved as possible so we can spread and strengthen this mindset of gratitude towards our hero officers, and so we can make phrases like “thank you for protecting and serving our community” and “thank you for your service” phrases that our police officers constantly hear.

You can also work to strengthen community relations with your police by communicating with them and working to create a positive atmosphere of respect, trust, cooperation, support, and concern for everyone in your community, including residents, officers, and those struggling in your community, such as the homeless.

About is a national nonprofit project based in Chula Vista, California. We maintain multiple objectives with our mission of supporting our hero police officers, which include recognizing officers for excellent work, submitting commendations, providing important information and feedback to police departments, working to improve relations between departments and communities, promoting officer safety, preventing officer suicide, and raising awareness about issues we deem important.." from the website:


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