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Symposia: (Episode One) Turning the Tide - Dr Iain McGilchrist

Symposia: (Episode One) Turning the Tide - Dr Iain McGilchrist

"The European Conservative presents a new video series, "Symposia," which will explore the crisis of our civilisation and what rebuilding that civilisation might look like. In the first episode, Sebastian Morello, our senior editor, travels to Scotland’s Isle of Skye to meet psychiatrist and philosopher Iain McGilchrist. An unfortunate temptation for intellectual conservatism is that of only ever reacting against those forces of so-called ‘progress’ which aim to repudiate the civilisation that conservatives cherish. The imperative is not only to defend our civilisation but offer a positive case for the humane and meaning-driven future we want to build. In this series, Sebastian meets great thinkers of the day and—as the name of the series suggests—sits down, with good wine and good food, to converse with them in pursuit of the truth, in the context of fellowship and camaraderie. This first episode, over the course of several days, explores many topics among which are neuroscientific findings, spirituality, and the future of Western Civilisation." from video introduction

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