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THE ANGERED JUDGE IS Returning--The Theme That Fills The Bible From Acts 2 to Revelation 22

Video from DTBM

"The Angered Judge Returning, is the theme that covers the Bible from Acts 2 to Revelation 22 Probably the most profound summary of the Gospel ever preached was preached by the man that most embodies the message. That man wrote most of the New Testament, preaches the most messages recorded outside the Gospels, and really shaped all that we do in church today. There was a day when Paul was called upon to explain Christ, God's Word and the plan of salvation simply and concisely. This message was to be given before perhaps the most educated, sophisticated, and erudite group ever assembled at one place and time. In the very center of humanity’s greatest schools of philosophy, education, and the sciences: stood one man. There before the faculty of humanism’s best, he was given less than 2 minutes to summarize in just 275 words in our English Bible: God's Plan; and Paul did it. It was perfect because it comes to us as an inspired sermon. What we get is exactly what God wants us to hear, understand, and use when we also have to explain our God. Turn there with me to Acts 17:24. You see, as we open to the message of the Gospel after the Cross we see here, the same theme repeated over and over again by Pater, James, John, and here by Paul. What is that theme? Don’t Ignore & Reject Your Creator & Savior It is a warning: Watch Out, the ignored and rejected Creator, came as a man who was the Crucified & Risen Savior; but He will return as the Angered Judge." from video introduction.


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