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The Art of Charles Dellschau & The Mystery of The Sonora Aero Club Part 2

The Art of  Charles Dellschau & The Mystery of The Sonora Aero Club
The Art of Charles Dellschau & The Mystery of The Sonora Aero Club

The Art of Charles Dellschau & The Mystery of The Sonora Aero Club

The Art of Charles Dellschau is extraordinary!

In part 1 I tried to focus on the art itself, in part 2 we will look at the story that came with the art.

The Art of Charles Dellschau & The Mystery of The Sonora Aero Club

There is no evidence to prove the Aero Club existed and the art and story is considered by most to be a work of fiction.

"Despite exhaustive research, including searches of census records, voting rosters, and death records, nothing has been found to substantiate the existence of this group except for a few gravestones in the Columbia Cemetery where several of the surnames are found. It is speculated that the “Sonora Aero Club” is a work of fiction invented by Dellschau. Another theory made by Pete Navarro, says that a coded story is hidden throughout the drawings. Navaro thinks that Sonora Aero Club was a branch of a larger secret society known only as NYMZA. Who knows, maybe Dellschau was a witness of some strange occurrences for real. UFO sightings are not a rare thing around the Houston area (there were reports of strange objects flying even in the early 20th century). What if Dellschau had some insight into alien technology and tried to depict it as best as he could trough his drawings?"

Pete Navaro, a graphic artist and a UFO writer, who saw the exhibition back then, became intrigued by the images. He was the one who bought the remaining notebooks and ended up studying them for 15 years.

The Airship Mystery of the 1890s and UFOs (COMPLETE DOCUMENTARY) Walter Bosley, Joseph Farrell

"The Airship Mystery of the 1890s and UFOs (COMPLETE DOCUMENTARY) Walter Bosley, Joseph Farrell" from video introduction

What occurred during the periods of 1896-1897 will never be known for sure. No doubt if we are realistic we will see that perhaps a combination of real experimental dirgible type aircraft , over zealous newspapers and wishful thinking were partially responsible for the mystery.

However, there is still a glimmer of possiblity that some reality remains undiscovered.

Ghost Airships Of The 1800s

"A mysterious wave of airship sightings took place in the U.S. between 1896 and 1897, and there is plenty of mystery to go around.

In the late 1890s, strange airships started being spotted sailing across the country’s skies. While lighter-than-air airships had been around since the 1850s, their capabilities were far more limited, and they were not nearly as big as those being observed. Witnesses described the ship, or ships, as being 150 to 200 feet long and moving at speeds of roughly 135 to 150 mph. Airships at the time were generally smaller and only moved at speeds of around 5 to 7 mph.

The first sighting occurred in November of 1896 in Sacramento, California, when hundreds of witnesses observed a steady light attached to some kind of large vessel pass across the sky overhead. Some said they could hear voices singing from the ship. One witness, R.L. Lowery, told the news that he could hear a man issuing out orders, “Throw her up higher; she’ll hit the steeple!” According to Lowery, the airship had a cigar-shaped body with wheels at the side and appeared to be powered by two men seated on a bicycle-like frame.

Over the next six months, the sightings moved eastward across the country, with reports as far as Chicago. In total, there were approximately 150 sightings in roughly 20 states. Then, in April of 1897, just as suddenly as they had started, the sightings came to an abrupt stop. While many accounts can be written off as hoaxes, mass hysteria or even the misidentification of astral phenomena, such as comets and meteors, a handful of accounts were credible enough to generate some, er, lift..." frm the article: Ghost Airships Of The 1800s

Can the Dots Be Connected?

Such is the intrigue and ambiguity that many people continue to try and connect the dots. The possible existence of the Aero Club coincidentally with the airship sightings of that era make the Aero Club a perfect probable cause. Yet there are no facts to back this extrapolation up.

One of the proponents of the Aero Club is writer/researcher Walter Bosley. The excellent interview from the DarkJournalist Youtube provides an insight into Bosley's thoughts.

Walter Bosley NYMZA UFO File & Grusch INTEL OP

Video from DarkJournalist

"NYMZA Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back the author of the Empire of the Wheel Book Series Walter Bosley for an Exclusive Preview of his new book NYMZA: How America Sold Its Soul. The Book traces the Mysterious artist Charles Dellschau and the Sonora Aero Club that was run by a covert aero club that was run by an early Covert Aerospace Group in Germany called NYMZA. The group developed early Anti-Gravity Technology and infiltrated the USA National Security structure by exploiting the Exotic Technology in the UFO File!" from video introduction

What Is a Break Away Civilization?

Of all the many intellectual attempts at puzzling out the source or sources of Non-Human Intelligences one that has gained some traction is the idea of a "Break Away Civilization."

A breakaway civilization is a separately evolving, covert, technologically advanced community extreme resources at its disposal that has been siphoned off a host society.

Let us remember this is all speculation! Extrapolation as to possible scenarios without facts!

Analysis of the Breakaway Civilization Joseph P Farrell

Video from old scientist

"President Truman decided after the war to create a vast system of hidden finance using the Nazi access loot and put the American intelligence community in the role of international bankers.

The institution of a long-term ‘Mega-Manhattan’ Project to investigate and emulate the technological performance of some UFOs required the establishment of an immense, and entirely hidden, system of finance, which was laid in the years immediately following World War Two, and was based in large part on the utilization of Axis funds, talent, and technology." from video introduction

A Breakaway Civilization
A Breakaway Civilization

"UFO researcher Richard Dolan coined the phrase, “Breakaway Civilization” in his book, “UFOs & the National Security State: The Cover-up Exposed – 1973-1991.” Here is how he presented his original proposal, “If we … consider the possibility of covert breakthroughs in propulsion technology, and the “off the grid” nature of the deep-black world itself, we come to the possibility that we are dealing with, in effect, a “breakaway civilization.” One with loose connections at various points to the open civilizations of humanity, but with great independence, secrecy, and a monopoly of certain key scientific secrets...from the article link below

Read this excellent article by Peter Fuller form his website - The Break Away Civilization

Higherside Chats | Walter Bosley | Breakaway Civilizations & The Sonora Aero Club

Video from Higherside Chats

Charles A.A. Dellschau Art
Charles A.A. Dellschau Art

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