The Black Robe Regiment & The Patriot Church

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Have you ever heard of "The Black Robe Regiment"?

The phrase itself comes from an insult used by the Loyalist Peter Oliver years after the Revolution. Oliver had lost everything during the revolution and therefore had a very bad opinion of New England ministers who were opposed to royal authority. He called them a “black regiment” as an insult. So as it turns out the term black robe regiment is a misquotation become mainstream.

It must be pointed out that this is not 1776. what was prudent and worked then will not now. The Black Robe regiment has been experiencing a revival in recent years. And while their message is I think a good one I fear they have become part of the popular culture, a group of Christians out to take their share of the nation.

Who else wants a share, a part in the breakdown? Qanon for one and the Oath Keepers who they say will save us from Antifa and Cultural Marxism. Seems to me more like a case of Castro saving Lenin.

America is large and there are many diverse groups, tribes that will seize the moment to get what they want.

As followers of Christ we are his Kingdom on earth and we do not join the Powers and Principalities to gain ground for God!

The presumption that any man has been brought up by God shows our hubris. God does not rubber stamp our delusions. Remember Cyrus?, he was also a punishment.

"At last month’s Jericho March on Washington, the head of a group called America’s Black Robe Regiment recounted stories about clergy who trained their men to fight in the Revolution and likened their situation to efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

“Where are our pastors today in this battle?” asked Bill Cook, a Virginia minister who was introduced at the event by Eric Metaxas...Finally, we should remember that there were several other cadres of black-robed ministers. Some eschewed politics altogether and sought to care for their flocks. Moravian missionaries, for instance, worked to shelter the Native Americans in their communities from depredations of both sides.

Meanwhile, Loyalist clergy actively opposed the American Revolution. These articulate ministers—people like Jonathan Boucher, Charles Inglis, Samuel Seabury, and John Joachim Zubly—worked to convince Americans that the safest path for their liberties was in submission to the British crown. They insisted that Christian duty lay in following the monarch. Although marginalized and often muzzled, these ministers still preached their political Loyalism out of a sense of conviction. Theirs, too, was a Scripture-informed interpretation of the American Revolution..." from the article: What the Black Robe Regiment Misses About Revolutionary Pastors

The Black Robe Regiment (website link)

So now we come to The Patriot Church.

Video from Insider News

"Pastor Ken Peters' Patriot Church is on a mission to contest Biden's election win and bring Christianity to the center stage of American politics. We followed him from his church in Tennessee all the way to the steps of the capitol on the day of the riots." from video introduction.

One of the great things about our freedom is it allows us to be foolish and delusional. But that freedom has never been extended to untruth and lawlessness. There have been are continue to be cults and the like in our nation. But they are not the mainstream of America, they are a vocal minority.

There are many churches in America and elsewhere that call themselves "Christian" when they are not.

Is The Patriot Church Christian?

Churches have in the past generally been for everyone but the "parachurches of America (and elsewhere) are for people who acknowledge a certain point of view about something. Most of theses parachurches do not exclude unbelievers etc.

The problem we have with a church that announces itself to be Pro-American is that they are defining themselves outside of God's church. America is not and never will be mentioned in the Bible. It is self-delusion to attempt to prove such a thing.

Therefore a Patriot Church is not "Christian". America is not "God", if anything we are Satanic.

Hitler convinced the Christians of his time that he was a messianic figure that would save them and elevate them. He said that Germany was the most superior nation on earth. And the self-proclaimed Christian church of Germany followed along for the ride.

Are we even now headed down that path of self-destruction?

We have met the enemy and the enemy is US!

The Patriot Church (link)

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