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The Blasphemy of "God Made Trump"

The Blasphemy of "God Made Trump"
The Blasphemy of "God Made Trump"

The Blasphemy of "God Made Trump"

Recently Donald Trump aired a fan video that has received a lot of criticism.

For most Christians this is obviously blasphemous.

No excuses!

Trump is a sinner like the rest of us and this attempt to make him a "messiah" is beyond the pale.

Regardless of Trumps policies that have infatuated so many his continued blasphemous claims of faith disqualifies him from any leadership.

We must use discernment and care in regards to the voices we allow into our minds and souls.

Trump, the Good Shepherd? | Ep 929

"Today we're starting off with an encouragement for your Monday that a lot can happen in one year and how we can hope for the future. We take a look at a video Donald Trump shared on his Truth Social account called "God Made Trump," which we argue is actually pretty blasphemous. Then, Christianity Today is at it again with an article on pronoun politeness, arguing that the issue is complicated and nuanced. We explain why it's not and look at some of Christianity Today's other terrible takes from the past few years. We finish off with a look at the best and worst Golden Globes outfits, as well as Jim Gaffigan's shocking joke that called out Hollywood. --- Timecodes: 00:00 Intro 02:50 Monday encouragement 12:57 'God Made Trump' 24:35 Christianity Today pronoun article 38:33 Christianity Today's other articles 43:45 Ohio governor on trans surgeries 46:05 Jim Gaffigan's Golden Globes joke 48:55 Golden Globe outfits." from video introduction

'God Made Trump' - Full Commercial

Video from BLUX

"Explore the provocative and controversial 'God Made Trump' commercial that's stirring up a political storm, presented to you by BLUX. This fan-made video, shared by former President Donald Trump on Truth Social, paints him as a divinely chosen leader, a narrative that is gaining attention ahead of the 2024 election.

The video, originating from the Dilley 300 Meme Team – known for creating pro-Trump content, opens with a bold assertion: 'On June 14, 1946, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So God gave us Trump.' This opening sets the tone for the entire video, framing Trump in a messianic light, as someone chosen by God to 'fight the Marxists' and 'call out the fake news.' 🌐🔥

Trump's decision to share this video is significant, suggesting he may be embracing this messianic image as part of his political persona. The video elaborates on Trump's supposed strengths, from his ability to challenge the Deep State to his softer side, portrayed in an ambiguous reference to delivering his own grandchild. The narrative is a blend of grandiose claims and personal anecdotes, designed to elevate Trump's image to almost mythical proportions. 🏛️🛡️

The video's portrayal of Trump's work ethic and religious devotion has sparked debate, especially considering past reports about his unstructured schedule during his presidency and lack of public evidence of regular church attendance. This aspect of the video contrasts sharply with former Vice-President Mike Pence's humorous remarks at the annual Gridiron Dinner, where he poked fun at Trump's religious devotion, highlighting the complexities and contradictions surrounding Trump's public image. 📅✨

Trump's strong base among evangelical Christians in the United States, many of whom believe he was anointed by God to lead, adds another layer to the narrative. The video’s reception among this group and the wider public could be pivotal as the political landscape heats up for the 2024 presidential race." from video introduction

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