The Church Fathers - The Holy Spirit: St. Gregory the Theologian

Video from Ancient Faith Ministries

"In this series, Ancient Faith Films introduces you to many of the better known Fathers of the Orthodox Church as well as a key component of their teaching. The host is Steven Sorrell from Nashville, TN. The Presenter is Steve Sorrell who has a Master of Theology degree from the University of Manchester." from video introduction

This is number 3 of 5 videos.

"Gregory of Nazianzus was a key figure in the resolution of the fourth century Trinitarian controversies. His style of writing is extraordinarily beautiful, especially when his reflections on the Holy Trinity result in lengthy doxologies. Much of his best writing is found in his numerous orations. A good starting place is his five theological orations on the Trinity. They are now available in a small volume titled On God and Christ." from Tabletalk Magazine - Vacationing in Church History by Keith A. Matheson

On God and Christ (link)

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