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The Cicada Apocalypse 2024 - God's Insect Symphony

The last time this event happened Thomas Jefferson was President!

Having grown up in Texas I remember as a child watching with fascination as these beautiful creatures came out of the ground, transformed, and then flew away to collectively make a wonderous and beautiful sound!

God has given us many wonders and this insect, its life cycle and its mating sounds are a gift!

The Cicada Apocalypse 2024 - God's Insect Symphony
The Cicada Apocalypse 2024 - God's Insect Symphony

'Trillions' of cicadas? See how and where dual cicada broods will emerge in 2024

"Folks in the Midwest and the South, get ready for a lot of noisy cicadas this spring and into early summer.

According to the University of Connecticut, "since cicadas will emerge from Maryland to Oklahoma, Illinois to Alabama, clearly, trillions of adult cicadas will be present – but not all in the same place at the same time."

Two separate periodical cicada "broods" will emerge simultaneously in 17 states this year. This co-emergence hasn't occurred in 221 years and won't happen again until 2245.

There are at least 15 cycles, or "broods," of periodical cicadas, some of which emerge every 17 years, while others emerge every 13 years. Different broods of cicadas emerge in different parts of the eastern half of the USA in different years. Other species show up every summer.

The bugs have been seen only as far west as Texas and Oklahoma and have not been spotted in the far West.

Where cicada Brood XIII and Brood XIX will emerge

The broods will emerge in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Virginia..." from the article: 'Trillions' of cicadas? See how and where dual cicada broods will emerge in 2024

CICADA APOCALYPSE 2024: The Historical Rebirth in Spring

Video from Earth Echoes

"The spring of 2024 in the United States will be marked by a unique event: the historic encounter of two broods of cicadas. These insects will emerge from the ground after centuries, triggering a phenomenon that is being called the "Cicada Apocalypse." What does this mean? What are the possible effects of this rare phenomenon? Where do cicadas live? Why do cicadas sing? Discover these and other amazing curiosities about these true nature singers." from the video introduction

To download the Cicada Safari Tracking app go to:

Cicada Sounds

"Cicadas are oval-shaped, winged insects that provide a buzzing and clicking song heard in nature throughout the summer, especially during nights. The name is directly from the Latin cicada, meaning "tree cricket". Most cicadas appear every year in late June through August. Even a single cicada can make a very loud noise. You will find cicadas in summer in many gardens and backyards on trees. Only male cicadas make noise. Cicadas are called chicharra or campanero in Spanish.

Listen ten minutes long to the swarms of cicadas making noise in this video while enjoying high-definition cicada photos.

You are free to use the cicada sound effects in this video in all types of creative projects.' from the video introduction

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