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The Coming Apostasy in the Last Days - LDS Signs of the Times: Mormonism & Christianity (Revised)

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Video from Gospel Lessons

The Coming Apostasy in the Last Days - LDS Signs of the Times: Mormonism & Christianity (Revised)

"This video discusses the coming apostasy in the last days (which let's face it is here now and will be getting worse). It also discusses the historical repetition of apostasies over time. This also lists many of the prophesies and scriptures that foretold of this last days event as well as signs in the heavens and an interpretation of Revelation 12 that may foretell the coming apostasy. See all Gospel Lessons Videos here: I also reference several links to videos and other article that I said I would list here: YouTube Video: Revelation 12 Study Guide - YouTube Video: Revelation 12 Sign in the Heavens - KUTV News Segment: Leaving the LDS Church - Ensign Article by Elder Oaks: Part 2 can be found here:" from video introduction.

The above video is from The Mormons. Listen to it and see what you think of their theology, is it accurate? Is there some truth in it or not? - Andy

A Brief Comparison of Mormonism and Christianity (with Allen Parr)

Video from Mike Winger

"This is one of several clips I will be uploading from a collab I did with Allen Parr evaluating a few different religious groups in light of biblical Christianity. Subscribe to my channel to get notified when the other videos in this series go up. We are using the word “cult” here in the popular negative sense that Christian theology uses; to indicate a religion which imitates Christianity but is not genuinely Christian. The term also has another technical meaning; referring to any religion that has rituals associated with it. That’s not the definition we intend in this video. If you enjoyed this you will probably enjoy a lot of the content that Allen Parr has. Here is his channel, I recommend you check it out. Allen's interview with a former Mormon named Micah Wilder' from video introduction.

How Joseph Smith Tried to Write Himself Into the Bible

Video from Mike Winger

"Joseph Smith made his own translation of the Bible and added quite a lot of new and interesting content to the original, including prophecy about Joseph Smith! Links: What you need to know about how we got the Bible - My recent End Times debate on Matthew 24 -" from video introduction.

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