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The Cross of Moses: Jesus in the Torah - Pod for Israel

"Does the Battle against Amalek give clues to the Victory on the Cross? Dive in with Dr. Broshi as we discover more of the types and shadows of Yeshua our Messiah woven in the narrative of the Torah." from video introduction.

Jesus in the Torah and the New Testament

We don’t normally associate Jesus with the Torah – the Law of Moses. Usually, people who desire to know Jesus and His teachings turn to the New Testament. They read the Gospels, which follow His life on earth, and then the writings of His followers.

But Jesus often pointed to the Law of Moses as the key to knowing Him.

Consider this. Reading a novel, if we miss the first several chapters, the rest of the story becomes clouded and confusing.

We may piece together the events and follow the general theme. But the real reasons for specific actions and events will remain unknown. And the same holds true with the Bible... from the article: Jesus in The Torah: Discovering Him in the Law of Moses

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