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The Disease of Nothing (Do You Have It?)

Updated: Aug 2

Video from iRetire4Him

The Disease of Nothing (Do You Have It?)

"Sign the Retirement Reformation Manifesto - In this episode of iRetire4Him, Bruce Bruinsma, the founder of The Retirement Reformation, talks about the Retirement Reformation Manifesto - The Retirement Reformation is committed to encouraging a movement where every Christ follower is confident in God’s plan for a lifetime of faithful service and committed to helping the body of Christ reform its understanding of retirement—then bearing fruit without measure. We assert the Biblical truth that Jesus follow­ers are called to bear fruit in every season of life and affirm that commitment with the 10 principles of the Retirement Reformation Manifesto." from video introduction.

Our culture suffers from a disease of nothing. As we have grown more selfish and in the grips of expressive individualism, moral relativism we have become more dysfunctional. Everyone of us has a very limited time on this earth, in this life as it is. Life is a vapor, it is difficult and it is hard. If God so choses to give you an extended life say up into your sixties or seventies on even to one hundred he does so for a reason, a fruitful reason, not for doing nothing.

Retirement for many is doing nothing!

God is always more interested in our character more than our comfort. Because of our sin natures and the results of the Fall manifested in futility in the world we will suffer in some way through illness or disability etc. How we use that suffering is bound up in our spiritual lives or we can chose to ignore God and handle it through our own strength. That usually does no go well.

So I ask if you are a Boomer or older or someone retiring now or soon are you confused as to what God has in store for you? Many are.

So lets be clear, as Christians we retire for Christ, not us. We retire to use what little time we have left to further the Kingdom, to witness, Disciple and help people flourish.

The Retirement Reformation began a couple of years ago with the intention of helping Christians to understand what God intends for them in retirement.

This is an excellent video of a podcast that discusses how we as Christians can have purpose in our lives beyond just wasting our lives with the trivial things of our culture.


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