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The Doomsday Clock Is Israel vs. the World--The Centrality of God's Chosen People In Prophecy

Video from DTBM

The Doomsday Clock Is Israel vs. the World--The Centrality of God's Chosen People In Prophecy

"The Centrality of Israel

In the Bible

Israel is the 3rd largest topic in the Bible right after: God/Lord Himself mentioned 12,000 times (God 4094x/Lord 6781x/plus Jesus, Christ, Spirit, etc.); and salvation (man 3323x/sin 1016x/Jesus 942x); Israel is mentioned over 2900x and Jerusalem 767x. The church 111x, prayer 128x, and the cross 29x are much less mentioned.

Over 200 times God introduces Himself as the Great I am, the God of Israel (plus 17x the God of Abraham, and 25x the God of Jacob). He is not the “I was”, He is the “I AM”; and He is, His was, and has promised in the future that He will be the God of Israel.

Using just a normal Bible with no study notes (my Bible is 1100 pages long) you find that:

• 600 pages (Genesis to Song of Solomon) are Israel’s origin, history, wanderings away from God, and worship (that is 600/1100 pages or) 54%; and

• 250 pages are devoted to the prophets (Isaiah to Malachi) that speak of the doom coming first to Israel then and the world in the future (that is 250/1100 pages or) 23%; and then we get

• 110 pages devoted to the Life of Christ (Matthew to John) that lasts for (110/1100 pages or) 10% of the Bible; and then

• 120 pages devoted to the record of Acts to Jude that explains Christ's Church’s birth and mission for 120/1100 pages or 11%; and then the

• 20 pages of Revelation describing the centrality of Israel and Jerusalem in end of the world take up almost (20/1100 pages or) 2% of the Bible.

So just a simple glance at the Table of Contents of God's Word would make a reader conclude that Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jews are very important to God. He has chosen to devote fully (4/5ths or) 79% of the Bible to Israel’s origin, calling, chastisement, return, and future troubles that engulf the whole world." from video introduction

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