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The End is Near? Well Maybe!!

Updated: Feb 29

Every Society Collapses, Here’s How to Survive...

Video from The School of Life

The End is Near? Well Maybe!!

"The news is often determined to tell us that we live in uniquely critical times, beset by political disasters and afflicted by terrible crises and that the demise of human civilisation is surely imminent. We are encouraged to view the world - and our own lives - in bleak, apocalyptic terms. Oddly, history can be powerfully consoling, not because it tells us that our times are great, but because it shows us how normal large societal troubles really are." from video introduction

Today in the world many people point to every earthquake, every political upheaval, and every attack on Israel as a sure sign that the end times are rapidly approaching. While some events may signal the approach of the last days (which could still be 100 years away), they are not necessarily indicators that the end times have arrived.

Would should be focused on our Lord and our relationship with Him as the way through the Person of the Holy Spirit to have wisdom and discernment about the world around us. Nothing else or no one else knows or has the answers except God!

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