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The Future of UAP Disclosure Act is Uncertain: Here's Why

Be Open Minded, Be Skeptical!

The Future of UAP Disclosure Act is Uncertain: Here's Why

Matt Ford discusses the so called "hitchhiker effect" that still plagues him and his family. This is a paranormal manifestation.

Interesting how all of the nay sayers cannot explain the web of affects (like this) and emotional distress this causes!

We live in a world that interesects a supernatural dimension. This has been stated in the Bible so it is not new, we just refuse to acknowledge it.

Scripture tells us about the comings and goings of these entities with various descriptions, descriptions not unlike what we see today with the paranormal and ufos.

By and large the UFO community is very narrow minded and naturally has a bias against certain possibilities.

It is very interesting this web that has been woven over time and throughout the cultures of the world!!

This is grist for the mill, to make you think and not be narrow minded in your worldview.

What Really Happened at the UFO UAP Sol Foundation Conference: Nick and Matt Share the Truth

"What happened at The Sol Foundation Conference at Stanford University? Nick M. and Matt Ford who were invited to attend this exclusive gathering, discuss what happened behind the closed doors. We discuss who was in attendance, Dr. Garry Nolan, the presentations, the speakers, David Grusch, Colonel Karl Nell, The Pentagon AARO Director Sean Kirkpatrick, The Schumer Amendment, and the over arching security concerns regarding the disclosure of the reality of UFOs and UAPs expressed by the national security experts. It turns out disclosure is generating great concern from the experts. Nicholas G - 13 year aerospace industry professional and AIAA UAP IOC volunteer can be found on Twitter: @SpinDubTracks." from video introduction

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Garry Nolan on UAP UFO work at Sol & revelations by whistleblower David Grusch

"Stanford Professor and Executive Director of The Board of The Sol Foundation discusses what is going on behind the scenes at The Sol Foundation, The Schumer Amendment debacle, revelations by David Grusch on Lockheed Crash retrievals and UFO UAP back engineering programs made on the Joe Rogan, @joerogan, podcast, followed by audience Q&A." from video introduction

UAP Disclosure Act Under Threat - What is the Roadblock?

Video from Chris Lehto

"The long struggle for UFO transparency and disclosure took an unexpected turn recently. Just when it seemed the UAP Disclosure Act was finally going to lift the veil on decades of secrets, powerful forces in Washington are resisting. In this video, I reveal who is behind the pushback against the milestone bill in Congress and expose their potential motives. Connect the dots as we follow the money trail leading to defense contractors and uncover why key politicians may not want you to know the truth. With over 60 years of proven government UFO coverups, why does unidentified aerial phenomena secrecy seem so impossible to breach? I'm tackling the ongoing mystery head-on by highlighting the disappointing roadblocks now threatening disclosure." from video introduction

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