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The Gate Is Narrow, Few Will Enter - Father Spyridon

Video from Father Spyridon

"Jesus warns us that few will enter the Kingdom of God. How then must we change the way we are living?" from video introduction.

Every Other Way Leads to Death

A man sat along the road where one path broke into ten. A deep fog rested upon the land so no traveler could perceive each path’s end.

The man’s King, before going off to his kingdom, told the man the end of each. One path led to a den of lions. One to a cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom. One through a forest with bloodthirsty beasts. Another to a swamp with inescapable quicksand. Still another to a tribe of cannibals. And the unsavory reports continued in this fashion. Only one led to the King’s kingdom. His charge was simple: warn others away from destruction and toward the path of life.. from the article: Every Other Way Leads to Death

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