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"The German Soldier Who Saved the Jews": Karl Plagge (Documentary)

"Karl Plagge - The German Soldier Who Saved the Jews | History Documentary Watch 'War Factories - The Secret History of WW II: Part 1' here: “The Good Nazi” is one of those rare films that weave together science, history and extremely personal human stories. During the Holocaust, a german army Major named Karl Plagge, arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania as part of the occupation force. When he saw that the SS was hellbent on murdering every Jewish man, woman and child, Plagge decided to save Jews, rather than murder them. So he ran a covert operation. On the surface, he was commandant of a forced labor camp called “HKP”. In reality, he was sheltering hundreds of Jewish families. By the end, many were saved in hiding places dug into the ground and carved into the walls. Many more were executed by the SS and buried in a mass grave. Today, the former “HKP” - unchanged - is home to impoverished Lithuanians. Because the government is about to tear down the site and put up condos instead, a group of scientists arrives to locate the hiding places of those that were saved and identify the mass grave of those who were murdered. A child survivor of the camp and an American physician, whose mother was saved by Major Plagge, join them. The film tracks these three stories and, ultimately, brings light to the unknown tale of a Schindler-type German who listened to his conscience, instead of his superiors." from video introduction.


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