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The Golden Rule in Scripture Dominates All other Moral Wisdom - Jordan Peterson

Video from Pastor Kyle Bailey

Jordan Peterson- The Golden rule in scripture dominates all other moral wisdom. Full lecture here:

Some people eventually will see that there is no moral relativism, it is a fantasy, an evil fantasy. Rebellion against God has been here before. Sin will manifest itself in many ways and the pride of our sin seeks to deny God in every way possible. This is as old as mankind. The next generation will often have this epiphany and believe (usually with Satanic encouragement) that they are so smart, so enlightened that they can dispense with God's truth all together.

Moral wisdom in a human sense is bound by Godly wisdom and truth. When we deny it or rebel against it we work against God's will in the world. The Kingdom of God reacts as he knows your heart and every sin. You cannot hide from God. YOUR truth will not convince God of anything. Your fate will be sealed by your arrogance.

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