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The Hard Work of Lifelong Friendships - Christine Hoover TGC Podcast

"Christine Hoover delivered a message to the 2021 TGC Women’s Conference titled “Messy Beautiful Friendship: Learning to Love Others in a Christlike Way.” Speaking from her own experiences building friendships first as a child and then as an adult, Hoover discussed the “wish-dream,” as she calls it—the idealized version of perfect friendship that many women embrace. She compared it to the reality of mature, biblical friendship that, despite all its flaws and blemishes, is an absolute gift from God. She looked at four components of biblical friendships, exemplified, by Christ that women should pursue in order to build them for themselves: —Focus on giving (serving) and befriending others —Erase unnecessary restrictions —Devote yourself to people —Be vulnerable with one another." from video introduction.

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