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The Healing Ministry of Charles Spurgeon

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Video from The Remnant Radio

The Healing Ministry of Charles Spurgeon

"Did you know that Charles Spurgeon saw not hundreds but thousands of healings as he prayed for the sick? Well, I had no clue! Paul King was the first person I ever heard speak of Charles Spurgeon's healing ministry. Turns out, it really is a thing! "The Life of Charles Haddon Spurgeon: The worlds great preacher" by Russell Conwell Published in 1892 gives details of these healing testimonies. Let me be clear, Charles Spurgeon was not a flaming charismatic, or card-carrying pentecostal. This guy was a 19th-century particular baptist. Yet his life seems marked by supernatural healings and what most charismatics would call a genuine gift of prophecy. So in this episode, we won't be trying to claim that Spurgeon was somehow a charismatic forefather, rather will be examining his life, teaching, and practice on healing and prophecy in order to learn from his example. 0:00 Intro 4:22 The Life of Charles Spurgeon 14:04 An Overview of Spurgeons Healing Ministry 18:15 Five Stories Of Supernatural Healing 30:59 Why is it that no one is talking about these healings 33:37 Take Charismaticism And Give Me More Spurgeons 39:08 How did Spurgeon Handle The Sick Who Did Not Get Healed? 43:42 A look at Spurgeon's Prophetic Ministry 49:06 How Should We Understand Spurgeons Supernaturally Empowered Life? 56:50 Answering A Live Question About Healing 1:00:46 Are Charismatics Making A Spectacle Of Healing? 1:06:35 Close" from video introduction.

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