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The Heart of Paul's Theology: Paul and His Theology (1 of 4)

Updated: Mar 30

Video from Thirdmill

"Enjoy our newly updated and redesigned series on Paul's Theology! Lesson 1 explores Paul's theology, how his beliefs related to his ministry, as well as his central theological outlooks. For more videos like this, visit our channel: / thirdmillvideos " from video introduction

About Thirdmill

"Most pastors in the world have no theological education and no way to obtain one. Thirdmill is working to meet this global need by creating and distributing a high-quality, multimedia seminary curriculum in the major languages of the world. Our goal is to make seminary-level education available to Evangelical Christians in their own lands, in their own languages, for free.

Our curriculum is currently used by a wide variety of seminaries, Bible colleges, churches, mission organizations and institutions in: North, Central and South America; Europe; Asia; Africa; the Middle East; and Australia.." from the website:


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