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The Hiding Place - Corrie Ten Boom

The Hiding Place - Corrie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom was an ordinary woman, living an ordinary life in Holland working in her father’s watch shop.

Corrie Ten Boom shows us how God uses the weak and the small to topple the strong and the evil.

She spent her days with bookkeeping and repairing broken watches with her father and her sister Betsie. She was very ordinary, she grew up in an ordinary home with an ordinary family. Yet it was in the ordinary life she lived that God was preparing her young heart for an extremely unordinary and difficult life ahead.

In her book The Hiding Place, Corrie recounts her life and how God led her to hide Jews in her home from the Nazis during World War II.

The stage play below whcih has been filmed as a movie will remind you that as a Christian we are ALL called to sacrifice.

The Hiding Place - Official Trailer (2023)

"World War II. Darkness has fallen over Europe, and the boots of the Third Reich echo through the streets. But on a quiet city corner in the Netherlands, some choose to resist. Corrie Ten Boom and her family risk everything to hide Jewish refugees by the hundreds, and they ultimately face the consequences when they are discovered. The Hiding Place is their story—a story of faith, hope, love, and forgiveness in the face of un-thinkable evil. This powerful cinematic presentation was adapted for the stage by A. S. Peterson, directed for the stage by Matt Logan, and filmed for cinema audiences in Nashville, Tennessee." from video introduction

Behind the Scenes Look at 'The Hiding Place' Movie on Corrie Ten Boom | Studio 5 - August 2, 2023

Video from CBN News

"We’re giving you a behind the scenes look at the theatrical adaptation of the stage production of The Hiding Place. It’s the story of Corrie Ten Boom and her family’s efforts to save Jewish refugees during World War II." from video introduction

3 Things to Know about The Hiding Place, the 2023 Film Based on the Stage Play

"Corrie is a brave Christian woman living in a land and a time when few people around her are courageous.

The land: The Nazi-occupied Netherlands.

The year: 1940.

Corrie and her family are members of the Dutch Reformed Church, which opposes the Nazi’s march across Europe and its persecution and rounding up of Jewish people.

And now, Corrie and her family are facing a dilemma: Should they tell the Nazi officials everything they know about their Jewish friends and neighbors? Or should they hide and even lie about the Jews in order to protect them?

The new movie The Hiding Place tells the true story of Corrie and her family, who risked everything to protect Jewish refugees from the Holocaust.

Here are three things you should know about the film:

1. It Was Adapted from a Well-Known Story

The Hiding Place became a bestselling book in the 1970s after Corrie ten Boom – then in her late 70s – allowed authors John and Elizabeth Sherrill to help her put her story in print. The Sherrills had learned of ten Boom while researching for another book, God’s Smugglers.

The story’s popularity soared to another level when the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s World Wide Pictures distributed a film by the same name.

Playwright A. S. Peterson adapted the book into a stage play. The play was commissioned in honor of Jeanette Clift George, who portrayed Corrie in the 1975 movie.

“I started writing in 2018,” Peterson said. “And since then, the world's gone through enormous upheavals, and it feels auspicious to have been given something this relevant to write about in that period, where a story was beloved by generations of people..." from the article: 3 Things to Know about The Hiding Place, the 2023 Film Based on the Stage Play

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