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The Importance of Bible Reading

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Video from Happy Hill Farms

The Importance of Bible Reading

"Get the devotional for parents, teens, and leaders from an experienced youth pastor Lucas Shipman. Lucas works with teens every day at Happy Hill Farm, a Christian boarding school in DFW that has been serving underprivileged kids for over 50 years. I want to help you prepare their hearts for whatever occurs in their lives. I want this devotional, with its daily questions and Biblical readings, to inspire real conversations to take place. My hope is the Gospel will speak to their hearts, sins will be confessed and repented of, and their newfound faith will lead to improved lives. This devotional is not a worldview or apologetics curriculum. Its intention is to address some of the most common idols young people struggle with daily. Get your copy —" from video introduction

Happy Hill Farm

"Two teenage girls fled a bad home situation and needed a place to stay. The Shipmans immediately opened their home to these young ladies and began looking for a long-term solution.

After months of searching, Ed and Gloria found many options for children with behavioral problems or mental and emotional issues. But they couldn’t believe how few resources existed for underprivileged children with high potential. Eventually, they did find a healthy solution for the girls. But their difficult experience gave them a sense of God’s direction for the rest of their lives.

One year later, Ed and Gloria launched Happy Hill Farm out of a mobile home in Granbury, Texas. Ed shared, “We wanted to provide a safe, secure place for underprivileged boys and girls … a place to discover their God-given potential and build a successful future!.." from their website:

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