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The Importance of Silence in Our Lives

Updated: Oct 2, 2022


I have heard people say silence makes them uncomfortable or they need noise to drown out life’s adversities and hardships. Which means they need a distraction, so they do not have to think about their sins and problems.

Today as I write this is the traditional Sabbath for us Westerners. Although if you work another day should be your Sabbath. It has become extremely hard to observe a Sabbath in our culture, Sunday is just another day. Faith, worship has been sidelined as non-essential.

And we Christians quite frankly often treat it that way ourselves.

The disciplines of our faith and commitment to Christ ask us to do several things. To be committed to someone, a person, The Person of Christ, means we acknowledge them, we talk to them, we listen to them.

God’s Holy Word has shown us that God the Father’s voice, his communication with us is not in the wind, or in the storm it is in the silence. Our minds especially today are filled with noise. We are all more distracted than ever and we all for the most part have lost the ability to sit down, be still and concentrate.

You and I need to be intentional about a daily time for devotions, silence, prayer and reading scripture.

Start today! Do not put it off.

All of us experience times of desperation and fear. Make time to go to God and tell him your concerns. It is ok to rage at God. Many have done so before you. God is a good listener.

Be intentional in making a time with no distractions. If you fear silence and prayer tell God.

Most of us are exhausted. However, the pandemic has allowed many people to reset their schedules. Take advantage of this and learn to slow down and rest. Learn to be contemplative and thoughtful. Do not say what pops into your head, just be still, be quiet. If you show up totally exhausted to prayer you will not be as attentive to God as you should be.

Be reverent, be respectful. You do not need to use fancy language just talk how you speak. Listen to God and for God. Do not expect a loud voice but he will speak to you in many ways throughout your day. He may speak to you through another person.

Realize the more time you spend with God in solitude and silence, the more you will learn how to recognize God’s voice when He speaks to you. Pray for guidance and wisdom to make decisions and be alert for the Holy Spirit witnessing/speaking to your human spirit about what is true. Remember that the Holy Spirit will reveal truth to you only as you are able to bear it or understand it, so trust God’s timing.

Be mindful also Your time with God in silence and solitude will overflow into the people around you. You will be more patient, humble and considerate. Learn to Bless others!!


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