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The Importance of Time (Sermon Jam) - Jonathan Edwards: Steven Lawson

Video from Pieter van Wyk

"Your life is like a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. Will your life count? In this video Steven Lawson describes the urgency around ministry, reminding us that night time is coming. Pastor Steven Lawson delivered this powerful sermon at the Sovereign Nations Conference in Washington, DC. In it, he reminds us to "redeem the time" and to prioritize on earth, what is important in heaven. He pulls inspiration from the Puritan Jonathan Edwards and his writings regarding the Urgency of the Hour. First, the point is made that a man lying on his death bed would give anything to have more time and to use it dilligently. But then he goes further, and takes the hearers into the bowels of hell to consider those souls who had squandered their entire lives because they didn't follow Jesus Christ." from video introduction.


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