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The Kingdom of Light Amidst the Kingdom of Darkness, Part 1 - John MacArthur

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Video from Grace to You

"I want to take you back to Luke 17 again this morning. I have a lot to say, and I want to say things that will be definitive and helpful to you, because it’s very apparent to us now that we who are in the invisible kingdom are living in the middle of another kingdom. When Jesus prayed to the Father, He didn’t say, “Take them out of the world,” He said, “Keep them from the Evil One.” We have to be in the world, otherwise we can’t preach the gospel. So we are this invisible kingdom in the middle of a visible kingdom that is getting more wicked all the time.

In Luke chapter 17, verse 20, Jesus was questioned by the Pharisees as to when the kingdom of God was coming. They thought it was still future; and elements of it are, of course. But, “He answered them and said, ‘The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, “Look, here it is!” or, “There it is!” For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst, or among you.’” That is an incredible statement. They were looking for a kingdom in the future, and the kingdom was there because the King was there.

We don’t know a lot about kingdoms and kings, so I want to help you with that. We haven’t had, as I said a week ago, a king in our history – well, until now. America has been gradually becoming a kingdom with a king, an evil kingdom with an evil king and his evil agents. How did that happen? Turn to Romans chapter 1, and I want to rehearse for you some very important portions of Scripture..." from Transcript.

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