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The Life and Death of Lucy Pevensie; Narnia Lore - Into the Wardrobe

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Video from Into the Wardrobe

In the Chronicles of Narnia, one of the most beloved characters is Lucy Pevensie, or Queen Lucy the Valiant. Today we'll examine the timeline of Lucy's life and the history of her time in the world of Narnia. Ever since she stumbled through the Wardrobe in C.S. Lewis' famous book The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, she's been on adventure after adventure. Along with her siblings Peter, Edmund, and Susan, her friends Tumnus, Caspian, Reepicheep, Mr. Beaver and others, she's battled many enemies including Jadis the White Witch, Mraz, and even Tash. She also shares a special bond with the other seven friends of Narnia, including Eustace Scrubb, Polly Plummer and Digory Kirke. Perhaps Lucy's most treasured quality is her own deep friendship with the creator of Narnia himself, Aslan the Lion.

Many thanks to these fantastic artists for their incredible work. Please check them out and support their efforts: Sentinel by Richard Cave @ ArtStation Train Station Evacuation by Tony Keime Mr. Tumnus by Asking Lily Train Station by David Noble Mr. Beaver’s Lodge & other concept art by Vance Kovaks Beavers by Tony Kieme Narnia Heal by Pickelova Our Narnia Our Home by Marishe. Howling Giant by 88grzes Tashbaan by Sedeptra Just a Picture by Marishe Caspian Susan Horn Concept and other concept art by Justin Sweet The Aldeigjuborg Staraya Ladoga by Andrei Pervukhin Pyke by Gaelle Seguillion Magician’s House by Chris Rosewarne Library Mornings by Silver Melody Ramandu by Roman Zawadski Narnia: The End of the World by Erin Maranette

Concept Art by: Justin Sweet @ Henrik Tamm @ Vance Kovaks Original Book Illustrations by PAULINE BAYNES" from video introduction.

The Chronicles of Narnia’: A Spiritual Journey

"In a world grown cold without wonder, how do you reimagine the drama and joy of Christianity? For C.S. Lewis, the answer was to invite us into a different world that would help us see this one with fresh eyes. That world was Narnia, and when Lewis wrote that world into existence, he created more than a story — he created the possibility for a moral and spiritual journey.

“The Chronicles of Narnia” span seven books, each a narrative unto itself, that come together to form a larger whole. Lewis started writing these stories with “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” (published in 1950) because he had this image in his mind of a faun standing next to a lamppost, and he wanted to tell a story about that. In the course of writing that first story, it soon became a Christian story because he imagined what kind of redeemer a world like the one he was imagining would need..' from the article: ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’: A Spiritual Journey

Children coming out of wardrobe
The Pevensie Children

The mouse reepicheep

I like many of you grew up reading "The Chronicles of Narnia" along with "The Lord of the Rings" among others. It has a special place in my heart as it helped me through a very difficult youth.

So I return to it often, the books especially for a taste of that far off Land of Narnia.

As Christians we are living in eternity right now. The passage from this life on this earth is death. Death has been defeated and we are no longer prisoners of the Lord of Death Satan!

I look forward to speaking to C.S. Lewis and Tolkien in the next life. Someday we will all have perfected bodies and be in the New heaven and The New earth. The New Jerusalem will be our house! How exciting!

This is an excellent video from Into the Wardrobe, enjoy! - Andy

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