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The Life of Our Lord - Charles Dickens

The Faith Behind the Famous: Charles Dickens

"Some of his novels mercilessly lampoon Christians. Yet the great Victorian author also wrote a reverent account of Jesus' life.

Charles Dickens has been called “perhaps the greatest of English novelists.” Some may consider such a tribute an exaggeration, but no one can deny his genius and tremendous contribution to literature.

Throughout his life, Dickens was a champion of the poor and oppressed, as well as a critic of aristocratic and High-Church elitism. Popular works such as David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol, and Pickwick Papers reveal his contempt for the corruption and folly in Victorian England’s business, law, religion, and education. “In Our Mutual Friend,” writes Neil Philip, citing one example, “[Dickens] depicts a [religious] leacher ‘drawling on to My Dearerr Childerrenerr … about the beautiful coming to the Sepulchre; and repeating the word Sepulchre (commonly used among infants) five hundred times, and never once hinting what it meant.’ ”.." from the article: The Faith Behind the Famous: Charles Dickens

The Life of Our Lord - Charles Dickens
The Life of Our Lord - Charles Dickens

"Charles Dickens's other Christmas classic, with a new introduction by Dickens's great-great-grandson, Gerald Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens wrote The Life of Our Lord during the years 1846-1849, just about the time he was completing David Copperfield. In this charming, simple retelling of the life of Jesus Christ, adapted from the Gospel of St. Luke, Dickens hoped to teach his young children about religion and faith. Since he wrote it exclusively for his children, Dickens refused to allow publication.

For eighty-five years the manuscript was guarded as a precious family secret, and it was handed down from one relative to the next. When Dickens died in 1870, it was left to his sister-in-law, Georgina Hogarth. From there it fell to Dickens's son, Sir Henry Fielding Dickens, with the admonition that it should not be published while any child of Dickens lived.

Just before the 1933 holidays, Sir Henry, then the only living child of Dickens, died, leaving his father's manuscript to his wife and children. He also bequeathed to them the right to make the decision to publish The Life of Our Lord. By majority vote, Sir Henry's widow and children decided to publish the book in London. In 1934, Simon & Schuster published the first American edition, which became one of the year's biggest bestsellers." from goodreads

Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, in full Charles John Huffam Dickens, (born February 7, 1812, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England—died June 9, 1870, Gad’s Hill, near Chatham, Kent), English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era. His many volumes include such works as A Christmas Carol, David Copperfield, Bleak House, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, and Our Mutual Friend. Explore English novelist Charles Dickens's early Victorian era and literature with Clifton Fadiman See all videos for this article

Dickens enjoyed a wider popularity during his lifetime than had any previous author. Much in his work could appeal to the simple and the sophisticated, to the poor and to the queen, and technological developments as well as the qualities of his work enabled his fame to spread worldwide very quickly. His long career saw fluctuations in the reception and sales of individual novels, but none of them was negligible or uncharacteristic or disregarded, and, though he is now admired for aspects and phases of his work that were given less weight by his contemporaries, his popularity has never ceased. The most abundantly comic of English authors, he was much more than a great entertainer. The range, compassion, and intelligence of his apprehension of his society and its shortcomings enriched his novels and made him both one of the great forces in 19th-century literature and an influential spokesman of the conscience of his age.." from the article: Charles Dickens

Sadly this animated adaptaion of Dicken's The Life of Our Lord has not been released.

The Life of Our Lord Trailer - MOFAC (2017)

Video from VA STUDIO

"Oct 10, 2018

Feature animation by VA STUDIO (Mofac) The Life of Our Lord (Korean title: 예수의 생애) (Expected release date: Summer, 2021 / Director: Seong Ho Jang) The story of Jesus Christ as told by Charles Dickens and seen through the innocent eyes of a child - Based on the book by Charles Dickens, the world’s renowned author." from video introduction

MOFAC, Introduced the Charles Dickens Original 'The Life of Our Lord' Animation at American Film Market

" ANYANG, KOREA, November 02, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- MOFAC (MOFAC, CEO Seong-ho, Jang) was established in 1995 and is the representative company that has lead the history of VFX (visual effects) for more than 23 years. This company is one of the oldest VFX company and about 300 films, screened up to the light with MOFAC.." from the press release: MOFAC, Introduced the Charles Dickens Original 'The Life of Our Lord' Animation at American Film Market" from the 2017 press release

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