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The Making of a Sefer Torah 720p

The Making of a Sefer Torah 720p

Sofer: The Torah Scribe

What is a Sofer (Scribe)?

A sofer (Hebrew for “scribe”) is the specially trained craftsman who writes the holy texts onto parchment using the traditional form of Hebrew calligraphy. In addition to writing, the sofer might spend significant time checking existing texts to ensure that they were properly made and have not been damaged over time.

What Does a Sofer Create?

A scribe is also known as a sofer STaM, which is an acronym for sefer Torah, tefillin and mezuzah, the three sacred items that the sofer writes most often. In addition, a sofer might write Megillah scrolls to be used on Purim, getdocuments to be used in Jewish divorce and other specialized Judaica items..." from the article: Sofer: The Torah Scribe

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