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The Man's Faith Behind the Black Panther!

Video from Holy Mood

"Boseman was raised a Christian and was baptized. He was part of a church choir and youth group and his former pastor said that he still kept his faith. Boseman had stated that he prayed to be the Black Panther before he was cast as the titular character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let's take a look to the man behind the "Black Panther" because Chadwick was so much more! Rest in GOD'S Peace - you will be missed! Thank you for the inspiration and the positive influence you gave to the world! May God bless you!" from video introduction.

It is often discouraging that people in Hollywood do not express their Christian faith more often. Actor Chadwick Boseman was one who did. His untimely death was a sad time but we know he is in Christ's arms at this moment. Watch this excellent video from Holy Mood.

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