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The Milesians and the Eleatics - John M. Frame

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

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The Milesians and the Eleatics - John M. Frame

"Apologetics is the theological discipline that defends the truth of the Christian message. One important subject of recent debate among apologists has been the relationship between apologetics and Scripture. All apologists seek to defend the biblical message, and they usually defend their apologetic method as itself in accord with Scripture. But they disagree on such questions as (1) whether the Bible teaches anything specific about apologetics, or about related topics such as epistemology (see, e.g., the debate in Cowan, 208-219, 256, 350-351), (2) what it teaches about apologetics, and (3) how Scripture itself should be used (alongside other tools like general revelation, logic, reason, etc.) in the work of apologetics. For purposes of this dictionary, it is also important to consider (4) how Scripture teaches us about apologetics and (5) how apologetic concerns may affect our interpretation of Scripture more generally. My discussion below will address these topics, not necessarily in sequence...' from the article: Apologetics

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