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The Misunderstood Mosaic Law ( Part 1)

Video from Inspiring Philosophy

"We are so far removed from the cultural world of the ancient Near East there is so much about the Torah we do not understand. This is a deep dive exploring what the Torah was and what it most likely functioned as. Thank you to scholars Mark Chavalas and John Walton for helping with this video." from video introduction.

Sources: Christine Hayes – Lecture 10. Biblical Law: The Three Legal Corpora of JE (Exodus), P (Leviticus and Numbers) and D: John Walton and Brent Sandy - The Lost World of Scripture John Walton - Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament (2nd Ed.) Delbert Hillers - Covenant Jean Bottéro - Mesopotamia: Writing, Reasoning, and the Gods Michael Lefebvre - Collections, Codes, and the Torah Walter Kaiser - Five Views on Law and Gospel Daniel J. Hays - Applying the Old Testament Law Today: Craig Keener - The Gospel of Matthew: A Soci-Rhetorical Commentary John Walton & J. Harvey Walton - The Lost World of the Torah

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