The Most Christian Continent: Africa | The Nagel Institute, Calvin University

Video from Templeton Religion Trust

"According to a recent study, an estimated 26% of the world’s Christian population is living on the continent of Africa. That makes Africa the most Christian continent on earth. And yet, Africa often remains under-resourced and under-represented when it comes to global conversations pertaining to the advancement of world Christianity. The Nagel Institute devotes itself to the study of world Christianity. This is both to promote the forms of world Christianity wherever they occur, but also to provoke a new kind of understanding of world Christianity. With funding from Templeton Religion Trust, the Nagel Institute has distributed funding to more than a dozen unique projects from eight different African countries around four key pillars: African spirituality and values, science and religion, religious innovation and competition, and, finally, forgiveness, peacemaking, and reconciliation. This project is about partnership, building connections, and strengthening Christian networks across the globe. The Nagel Institute’s objectives are quite ambitious and being executed quickly – 3 years, 8 countries, 15 projects, $2.2 million, with 1 goal: African theological advance." from video introduction

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