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The New Jerusalem and Us… Actor Alan Ritchson

Video from Instachurch

The New Jerusalem and Us… Actor Alan Ritchson

"Forgive me is this is a little clumsy. I had five minutes to record and it took six to connect a lot of theological dots in an effort to make a point that, I hope, makes some sense.

In short, Christ’s version of a city looks a lot different than ours does. Walls in His city become a ceremonial reminder of borders that at one time were used as justification for destruction, persecution or killing and gates remain open as self-sacrificial love is the dominant rule of law.

We are called out of Babylon (height of worldly desire) to be that town on a hill. Quite simply, the New Jerusalem belongs to anyone who is willing to follow Jesus and his ‘Sermon on the Mount’ ideals." from video introduction

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