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The Praying Christ and His Humanity - Geoff Thomas

Video from I'll Be Honest

"When we reflect on the praying Christ and his humanity we come away realizing all the more that there is no way that you and I can face any day without prayer. We can only survive in the awareness of our own weakness that every load is too big for us and we need Christ to strengthen us. 🎧MP3: → View on I'll Be Honest: - Scripture reading. 4:08 - First, reflect on the Lord falling to the ground to pray. 9:55 - Second, it was not God's will to answer Christ's prayer. 19:49 - Thirdly, God answered Christ. 26:58 - What about the failures of the disciples? 29:58 - The disciples failed in spite of their incredible privileges. 38:23 - Closing prayer.' from video introduction.

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