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The Problem With The Lord's Army

Video from Belief It or Not

"Pastor’s love to compare the Christian life to war but is that really a good idea. Hosted by Trevor Poelman " from video introduction.

"..Well Jesus, which is it? Rest or hard? Narrow? Am I am in your arms just kind of being brought to heaven, or am I swimming and stumbling and working and climbing and clawing? Is it restful to be a Christian, or is it war to be a Christian? And the answer is, It is both. And here is the way they come together: The war is to rest in the right place. And the whole world is telling you to rest in all the wrong places. Rest in money. Rest in success. Rest in your looks. Rest in your strength. Rest in your business. Rest. The world wants you to find your satisfaction, your restfulness, your peacefulness in insurance, padlocks, cruises, big fat retirements, big portfolios. These are all the restfulness commendations of the world. And the war is to rest in the right place. And it just happens to be rest for Christians who are worldly.." from the article: is The Christian Life Peace or War?

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