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The Revolutionary Mosaic Law (Part 3)

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Video from Inspiring Philosophy

"The Torah is a revolutionary document that changed many ways ancient people viewed ethics and themselves. Correction: When I cited the book, "Marriage and Family in the Biblical World" I said the quotes came from Ken Campbell (the editor) when in the book they come from Daniel Block who wrote that specific chapter." from video introduction.

Christine Hayes – Lecture 10. Biblical Law: The Three Legal Corpora of JE (Exodus), P (Leviticus and Numbers) and D: Douglas Stuart - The New American Commentary: Exodus Vol 2 Brevard Childs - The Book of Exodus Ken Campbell - Marriage and Family in the Biblical World Walzer, M. (1994). The Legal Codes of Ancient Israel. Nomos, 36, 101-119, from Frederick Greenspahn - Essential Papers on Israel and the Ancient Near East David Baker - Tight Fists or Open Hands? Christopher Wright - Old Testament Ethics for the People of God Walter Eichrodt - Theology of the Old Testament Jean Bottéro - Everday Life in Ancient Mesopotamia Jean Bottéro - Mesopotamia: Writing, Reasoning, and the Gods Jean Bottéro - Religion in Ancient Mesoptamia Karel van der Toorn - Family Religion in Babylonia, Syria and Israel S. R. Hirsch - Timeless Torah Frederick E Greenspahn - Essential Papers on Israel and the Ancient Near East

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