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The Single-Handed Conquest (Isaiah 63:3) - C.H. Spurgeon Sermon

Video from Spurgeon Sermon Series

The Single-Handed Conquest (Isaiah 63:3)

"A sermon delivered by C.H. Spurgeon, Lord's Day evening January 6th 1856. Text: “I have trodden the winepress alone, and of the people there was none with Me…” (Isaiah 63:3). This sermon was preached when Spurgeon was 21. Six years earlier he had been saved on a snowy morning in Colchester. Look at the text in Isaiah for yourself, and consider what you might say about it. Then listen to the wonderful way Spurgeon unfolded the truth of all that has been crushed beneath the feet of our Lord. Spurgeon reassures the true believer that the atonement of Christ is absolute. His death upon the cross is described, and its glorious effect pressed home. All our sins and ther guilt have been washed away when we truly repent. Read by: Gavin Childress" from video introduction


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