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The Story of Art in America (2022) | Episode 10: Seattle, Washington

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

The Story of Art in America Artist network & marketplace for Seattle & Pacific Northwest art communities Celebrating 23 Years - 1999-2022

9 Emerging Contemporary Artists From Seattle to Know

"(2017) When people think of Seattle, they often think of the well-established, household names in business, music, and art. Even after the creation of grunge some 20 years ago, Seattle is still kicking; the city has more to offer than Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain, and Chihuly. In a place that’s always looking forward, here are nine emerging contemporary artists.

Number 1:

Lindsay Zae Summers

Lindsay Zae Summers, originally from Maryland, is an actor studying at the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle (where she expects to complete her BFA in 2017). Her love of theater is connected to the communal aspect of sharing or discussing cultural values through storytelling. Summers believes in making change through this medium. Being African American, she hopes to “[bridge] the empathy gap” between audiences in the context of the black experience..." from the article: 9 Emerging Contemporary Artists From Seattle to Know

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