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The Story of Art in America (2022) | Episode 7: Sheridan, Wyoming

Updated: Aug 5

Video from Indie Rights Movies For Free

The Story of Art in America

4 Artists On How Sheridan, Wyoming Inspires Creativity

"You might not expect to find world-class artists roaming the range in northeast Wyoming. But, with a population under 18,000 and a remote location nestled against the Bighorn Mountains, Sheridan is full of beautiful surprises.

“Sheridan County’s creative arts economy flies under the radar when you consider our status as an outdoor recreation paradise and cowboy town,” Shawn Parker, executive director of Sheridan County Travel and Tourism, says. “The arts scene here is staggering in scope and size.”

Indeed, the city’s historic downtown streets are adorned with outdoor sculpture, thanks to a public arts initiative, and around Sheridan you’ll find cultural gems including The Brinton Museum, Ucross Art Gallery, King’s Museum, Whitney Center for the Arts, SAGE Community Art Center, Carriage House Theater and the WYO Theater.

What is it about this place that inspires so much creativity? Here, four artists share their Sheridan stories.." from th earticle: 4 Artists On How Sheridan, Wyoming Inspires Creativity

For art information in Sheridan Wyoming go to:


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