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The Subtle Bodies of Angels - Jonathan Pageau

Video from Jonathan Pageau

The Subtle Bodies of Angels - Jonathan Pageau

"Many of the Church Fathers talk about the notion that angels have what we call "subtle bodies", that angels are not completely incorporeal (God only is completely incorporeal) but their bodies are also not circumscribed in flesh, but in mind. In this formerly patron video, I explain what the Church means with this description of angels and how it's something we can relate to in the general human experience. The discussion with Rafe Kelley I mention near the end: • Bridging the Symbolic and Scientific ...

Timestamps: 0:00 // Introduction 0:43 // Intro music 1:08 // What are subtle bodies? 2:13 // St. John Damacene 6:32 // Perelandra by C.S. Lewis 9:19 // Our subtle bodies and the hierarchy of angels 14:06 // True analogies 15:23 // Jesus prayer 18:13 // Continue: True analogies 20:17 // Examples ---" from video introduction


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