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The Threat of Totalitarianism - Bishop Robert Barron

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

"Friends, I fear that as our culture lurches away from the authority of the good and falls toward the supremacy of the individual will, we put ourselves in a rather parlous condition. The door opens for totalitarianism when we no longer make distinctions between truth and falsity." from video introduction.

There is no doubt our previous president was a totalitarian or a fascist or both. Our societies moral compass has failed and as many of our fellow citizens freely buy into a culture of evil and lawlessness God seems to be slowly lifting his hand of protection as he turns us over to our sins.

But we overlook a major point. Our president or congress or senate is not the totality of our nation, WE are. If we choose Godlessness then so goes the country.

Choose Christ and not the schemes of men.

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