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The "TR-3B" Fable & The Possibility It Exists

Be Skeptical, Be Open Minded!

Back in the 1980's or there abouts reports started coming to light about triangular shaped aircraft that silently and slowly hovered or flew overhead. The " Hudson Valley" sightings wherein several hundred people claimed to have witnessed V shaped UFOs flying over, or near the Hudson River in New York State.

Sightings then began occurring around the world.

The best opinions are informed opinions so I will endeavor to provide the best available in this constantly changing thread.

In the U.S the "Phoenix Lights" of 1997 ,also witnessed by many people still draws attention even today.

The Phoenix Lights of 1997
The Phoenix Lights of 1997

The longevity of the craft description itself puts the technology displayed well beyond what was in the public domain at that time.

However we have heard repeatedly from men like Ben Rich and Jim Goodall that the government has technology 50 years ahead of what we see now. Is that true?

Maybe, we know that anything that far ahead would be under absolute secrecy and that the public will never know.

The only possible way is for a whistleblower to step forward or for private corporation to reveal something.

In the mean time we have an enormous amount of indirect evidence to look at!

Black Triangle UFOs, Phoenix Lights, Hudson Valley, Belgium -The Basement Office

Video from New York Post

"In episode 3 of “The Basement Office” the New York Post’s Steven Greenstreet sits down with Nick Pope to discuss the latest UFO sightings and the frightening modern day craft, the black triangle. Is there a Department of Defense cover-up? We speak with witnesses of mass sightings in various locations across the country including the Hudson Valley, New York, and Phoenix, Arizona. Nick reveals why the government downplays such events and offers his take as to whether or not another big wave of UFO sightings is on the horizon." from video introduction

Talking About the TR3B - Richard Dolan Show

"For years, speculation has surrounded the Black Manta, or TR3B, the flying triangle. Without a doubt, many witnesses have seen and recorded video of some sort of triangular craft -- which officially doesn't exist. Whether it utilizes a form of rotating mercury plasma or a superfluid anti-gravity engine, or something else, is something that fascinates researchers. Richard interviews filmmaker Darcy Weir and aviation expert Jim Goodall to talk about this and related topics. Darcy has just produced a new film titled Secret Space UFOs: The Rise of the TR3B.' from video introduction

Richard Dolan is an excellent and mostly objective investigator. He always has good guests that discuss what they know intelligently and realistically.

In this video Darcy Weir and Jim Goodall discuss Weir's documentary (trailer below) Secret Space UFO's: Rise of The TR3B.

Jim Goodall speculates what we generically call "TR 3B" is a family of craft that have been in development for many decades.

Weir rightly points out that the TR3B is a fable, meaning like everything else in this field of sturdy there is overwhelming indirect evidence but no public direct evidence.

And if any aspect of it is military it will stay that way.

Whose Silent Triangle Craft Hovered Over Three American RAF Bases in December 1980?

Video from Earthfiles

"TOPICS: Whose Silent Triangle Craft Hovered Over Three American RAF Bases in December 1980? Interview with “Smith Jones” about UFO encounter, December 27, 1980 - same craft spotted at RAF Croughton and RAF Bentwaters - Jim Penniston, John Burroughs witnessed RAF Bentwater incident - large triangular craft at RAF Upper Heyford - large viewing windows in front - large semi-circular glowing propulsion on the bottom - “we were told that this was all to be kept quiet” - “I had little blood spots all over my body” “Being close to an operating UFO can be dangerous to the human body” from video introduction

Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

Video from 1091 Pictures

"The legendary TR3B is said to be the very first Alien Reproduction Vehicle that the military built secretly for space travel. History of triangular UFO sightings and top secret military aircraft is discussed by the best and brightest in the research field of UFOs and spooky military aircraft; Tyler Glockner shares his expertise from his Secureteam10 YouTube channel, Richard Dolan discusses a secret space program run by many United States defense, Jim Goodall discusses non-human UFO sightings. Alara gives her testimony on her incredible TR3B sighting. Jeremy Rys discusses the history of the fabled TR3B and the man that first discussed it's origins Edgar Fouche. Dr. Jack Kasher discusses UFOs seen from NASA Space mission STS-48 and how it seems that Earth is at war with something in space." from video introduction

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