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The Transfiguration and Cosmic Geography

Video from Ring Them Bells

The Transfiguration and Cosmic Geography

"Welcome to Another Episode of Ring Them Bells.

I am so excited to get this very special release out.

"The Transfiguration and Cosmic Geography"

Cosmic geography according to the Deuteronomy 32 worldview is defined as spiritual beings being delegated to specific geographical regions of rulership or domains. Yahweh himself regulates this both for other spiritual beings and for Himself.

The Bible teaches these spiritual beings have rebelled. All nations are now ruled by rebellious spiritual beings. Although our Father is omnipresent He also has relegated himself to specific geographical areas such as the temple, tabernacle, Jesus and ultimately our bodies as believers.

Dr. Michael Heiser, Dr. Tim Mackie, and Professor Chad Bird are going to blow your mind while filling you with Hope about Jesus.

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