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The Truth of It: How to Argue with ‘That’s Just Your Truth’?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Video from Australian Christian Lobby

"If it's only your truth then it can't change anything. Don't retreat. We need to speak about truth as truth for all. Q&A - Brisbane. From Episode 75 of #TheTruthOfIt Best of Q&A. Filmed in Queensland as part of the 'The Truth of It - LIVE' tour." from video introduction.

Do you and I have our own truth?

Martyn Iles talks about how our truth is actually insignificant. With so many truths in the world (if we follow this line of thinking) then my truth or your truth is made insignificant by someone else's truth.

Most people even may Christians will not let go of wanting to have their way or prove a point. We just go back to our sin natures and as if the Garden we choose to disobey God and be our own God, make up our own truth.

Is this you?

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