The Ultimate Mentor is CHRIST: Jordan Peterson Talks about Jesus

Video from Naga Seminarian

"In this short clip, Jordan Peterson answers Russell Brand on the book of Job. On the topic of mentor-ship, Peterson highlights at the beginning of this short clip that the ultimate mentor for our life is Christ Himself. Listen to it... Watch the entire conversation here:" from video introduction.

Jordan Peterson has been thinking a lot about Christ recently. We see that in the video above. In the video below (also a short clip) we get a closer view of how Christ and the person of the Holy Spirt are at work. Watch the video and read the article, follow the link.

Video from Naga Seminarian

"In a recent interview with Jonathan Pageau, Peterson shares his conviction about the narrative and the objective world of Christ's existence. Watch the full interview here:" from video introduction.

"I know that there’s a strong line of Christian thinking that has identified the conscience with divinity, sometimes with Christ inside, sometimes with the Holy Spirit…and those are very interesting conceptualisations. But you can think of them psychologically and you can even think about them biologically to some degree because we’re so social. If we don’t manifest an appropriate moral reciprocity we’re going to become alienated from our fellows and we won’t survive. And we’ll suffer, and die, and we certainly won’t find a partner and have children successfully.

And so, to some degree, the conscience can be viewed the voice of reciprocal society within, and that’s a perfectly reasonable biological explanation. But the thing is, is the deeper you go into biology the more it shades into something which appears to be religious because you start analysing the fundamental structure of the psyche itself and it becomes something…well, with a power that transcends your ability to resist it!" from the article:

Has Jordan Peterson Become a Christian?

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