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The Urgency of Cultivating Christ in Your Life

The Urgency of Cultivating Christ in Your Life
The Urgency of Cultivating Christ in Your Life

The Urgency of Cultivating Christ in Your Life

As church attendance continues to decline we also see a corresponding breakdown of our culture. The people are becoming more godless, more secular, more pagan. Least we forget ourselves in this cultural decline we must not forget we are all the worst of sinners.

Today you can address the urgency of Christ in your life by reflecting on if you are making every effort to work out your faith with fear and trembling!

This is not a game! Many half-hearted Christians treat their relationship with Christ as just another activity. They know about Christ but they do not know him.

The reality is many kind, decent people who claim to know Christ are Hell bound! Are you one of them?

Your focus in life is or should be to an actual Christian, born of the Holy Spirit. Your mind should never be far from your Lord. You must abide in Christ, consider Him in all you do, pray to Him often.

“The life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for meGalatians 2:20.

Do not be among those who go to judgment based on vague hopes and strong delusions.

Do not let yourself be distracted by the technology and entertainment of our day. These are not etenal and have no merit before your Lord. Don't waste your time or your life!

Martin Luther gives us something to think about:

"Faith must spring up and flow from the blood and wounds and death of Christ. If you see in these that God is so kindly disposed toward you that he even gives his own Son for you, then your heart in turn must grow sweet and disposed toward God. . . . We never read that the Holy Spirit was given anybody because he had performed some works, but always when men have heard the gospel of Christ and the mercy of God." (Why the Reformation Still Matters, 77)


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