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The War on Western Civilization: Our Unchosen Obligations & What it Means to be Human

The War on Western Civilization
The War on Western Civilization

The War on Western Civilization: Our Unchosen Obligations & What it Means to be Human

The war on western civilization use the tools of influence to sin, then to destroy and hate.

This has been the playbook by both human and spiritual powers and principalities since the Fall.

In our world today the corruption of the world that is found in each of us is accelarating. Death which is one of Satans weapons is as it always has made inroads into our hearts and into our culture.

Our materialism has not saved us from ourselves and science has become just one more way we distort and destroy reality.

The world around us promotes selfishness and death. God's vision for us and His intention is that we belong to each other, we support and love each other. We support life over death and good over evil.

Here are two discussions on how the choices and wordlview of our culture is part of the suicide of western culture.

Unchosen Obligations: What it Means to be Human – dCEC Winter Conference 2021

"A conversation about public bioethics with O. Carter Snead (Notre Dame Law School) and David Solomon (University of Notre Dame). Part of the de Nicola Center's 2021 Winter Conference, "We Belong to Each Other." More information:" from video introduction

Abortion and Autonomy (Hank Unplugged Podcast Excerpt)

Video from Bible Answer Man

"This is a clip from the episode of the Hank Unplugged podcast with Hank Hanegraaff featuring Noelle Merring discussing her book Awake Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology. Click HERE to listen to the entire episode: • Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response... Most people view woke ideology as a political or social movement, but Mering is convinced that it is a demonically motivated movement that takes partial truths and totalizes them while making God the ultimate oppressor. Awake, Not Woke sheds clarity on a movement that operates in confusion and like a trojan horse has manipulated many well-meaning Christians with ideological suppositions that are not only incompatible with but completely counter to Christianity. In short, the advocates of this progressive ideology will increasingly demand allegiance to their cause and Christians must be equipped to recognize and counter the claims of woke ideology by deepening their understanding of what is true and leaning on the historic foundations of the Church." from video introduction

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