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The Wood Between the Worlds Explained: Narnia Lore - Magician's Nephew

Video from Into the Wardrobe

"In The Magician's Nephew, C.S. Lewis turns the world--multiple worlds, actually--completely upside down when he introduces a brand new realm into the legend and lore of Narnia. The Wood Between the Worlds introduces us to the Chronicles of Narnia multiverse, and show us the world of Charn, introduces The White Witch Jadis into Aslan's creation of Narnia, and transports a whole host of characters including Polly Plummer, Digory Kirke, Uncle Andrew Ketterly, The Cabbie / King Frank, and Strawberry / Fledge the horse. The wood isn't just beautiful, it's also dangerous. In today's episode, we will talk about the three dangers of these woods, as well as explore what it means for all of us today." from video introduction.

Painting of trees
The Wood Between the Worlds

Map of Narnia
Map of Narnia

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