"There was a Light" - One Man's Powerful Encounter with God in Prison

Video from The 700 Club

"Tony spent years incarcerated and searched for peace, but peace would only come through Jesus.' from video introduction.

"In Matthew 25, Jesus says ‘I was in prison, and you visited me.’ He calls upon His followers to minister to those who are behind bars. In other words, we will be judged in part by the way we treat those who are in prison. The fact that a man has committed a crime, and is paying the price, does not mean that he forfeits his God-given dignity."

—Chuck Colson (Justice Report 1977, ‘High-Voltage Humiliation’)

"The United States imprisons more of its citizens than any other nation—currently nearly 2.2 million. While more than 600,000 Americans are released from correctional facilities annually, two-thirds are rearrested within three years. Each year, the nation spends over $80 billion to incarcerate and reincarcerate people. Beyond the financial impact, the cycle of crime and incarceration produces broken relationships, victimization, despair, and instability impacting families and communities across the nation. Clearly, something isn’t working."

Prison Fellowship (link)

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